Here’s another machine that made ​​the history of Putzmeister and proved its value and reliability for decades on construction sites all over the world.
From pumping in the gallery, by pumping in height and till simple restructuration, these compact machines offer high performances and solutions for different types of sites.
We also offer solutions to use these machines for short periods of time: contact us and explain your situation, we will be happy to provide a just support.

Item Type Year Km/Hours  
3005 foto 2 Int-Nr. 3005 Putzmeister BSA 1407 D 2013 /80
3004 foto 1 Int-Nr. 3004 Putzmeister BSA 1407 D 2013 /80
Pompa-stazionaria-2995-2 Int-Nr. 2995 Putzmeister BSA 1005 D 2008 /1842
BENQ DIGITAL CAMERA Int-Nr. 2982 Putzmeister BSA 1409 D 2008 /95